A Special 1970s Party at the Linsmore Tavern with Stiletto Flats!

Wednesday December 27th the Linsmore Tavern is really excited to throw a 1970's party, with one of our favourite bands Stiletto Flats for a special Wednesday night show! The almost all-female Stiletto Flats know how to rock and will entertain you with their fun, upbeat set-list! Featuring Elana Harte on lead vocals and guitars, Stiletto Flats will take you through a journey of music that you know and love, from the 1970's! So throw on your favourite pair of bell bottoms and rock out with some amazing music from the 1970's. With an incredible blend of musical influences that will knock your socks off, Stiletto Flats will put on a show for you that you definitely won't forget! There is a ton of buzz around this show, so arrive early! The show starts at 8pm, $5 at the door!!

The band features: Elana Harte Vox - Electric and acoustic guitar, Jen Benton Back up Vox - Bass, Lucio Agostini Vox - Back up Vox - Electric Guitar, Robyn McDonald - Drums

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