90's Rock Covers with Gen-X Live at the Linsmore Tavern!

Friday January 17th, the Linsmore Tavern is so excited to welcome for the very first time, Gen-X! We have been trying to bring in this band for years and finally we are able to do so! Having a female vocalist means Gen-X can blast out a wide range of songs by all kinds of artists. One hit wonders you forgot you loved and big, timeless favourites make up a collection of rock, alternative, pop punk and grunge jams that will leave crowds dancing, singing along, and maybe even head-banging for up to 3 hours of performance time. Set lists are tailored to each event but always performed to ear-pleasing perfection. They can include everything from Kings of Leon and The Killers (yes, some early 2000s tunes are peppered in) to Radiohead and Rage Against the Machine, which is always a major crowd-pleaser. With something for everyone, Gen-X will absolutely appeal to your existing patrons as well as draw in anyone who might hear their old favourite mixtape song as they’re passing by. Ready to fan the flames of your nostalgia with their high-energy live show? The show starts at 9:30pm, $5 cover at the door!

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