BYRDS BYRDS BYRDS: Tribute To The Byrds Live at the Linsmore For In The 60's Month!!

Saturday February 21st, we have a very special evening at the Linsmore Tavern in part of 60's month for February!! We have an all-star line-up of some of Canada's finest musicians coming together to play a night of 60's icons, The Byrds! This is going to be a historic evening of music that will definitely appeal to your inner hippy!
Byrds Byrds Byrds is a fantastic evening of the songs of The Byrds, California's psychedelic, folk rock pioneers. More than a tribute band, this is a visceral evocation of an era. The songs remain classic; from the folk rock of Mr Tambourine Man, Turn Turn Turn and Bells of Rhymney, the freewheeling sonic attack of Eight Miles High, through to the relaxed country rock, that they basically invented. 


Tim Bovaconti on 12 string guitar and vocals
Andy Maize on vocals
Fergus Hambleton on guitar and vocals
Bob McKitrick on bass
Cleave Anderson on drums

Byrds Byrds Byrds recreates the halcyon days of the sixties 

This is a hot seller, so get your tickets now!! You can purchase your tickets to this unique event at the bar or right here at: BUY TICKETS!!
Tickets are $5 in advance, $10 at the door!!!

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