Johnny Cox & The Magnetic Line Back at the Linsmore!!!

One of the great blues players and one of our favourite bands are back at the Linsmore Tavern this Thursday night! Johnny Cox & The Magnetic Line are coming back for an evening of Rock'n Blues!  Featuring Johnny Cox on Guitar and Vocals, Jerome Tucker on Bass, and Rich Greenspoon on Drums.

Inspired by many styles of music, it's the Blues that truly drive Johnny wild. In March, 2014, Johnny released his debut album, Thin Blue Line featuring eleven high-energy original tracks that represent the palette of his musical personality. Thin Blue Line has garnered Johnny much attention in the Blues community throughout Canada and internationally. With an exciting new album in production, Johnny is poised to become a well-known and potent fixture in the Blues scene. Along with his electrifying band, The Magnetic Line, Johnny plans to bring his powerful live performance to other countries around the world --especially Scotland. 

Finding his mojo, Johnny whiled away the years on a stratocaster devoting himself to the techniques of Eric Clapton, Albert King, John Lee Hooker and Buddy Guy, irresistibly drawn to Blues music and the deep emotional pool it embodied. In the process of becoming 'whole' musically, hungering for more than being a Blues guitar player, Johnny felt compelled to start singing and writing his own material. Since that realization he's been on a feverish journey, honing his craft and finding his home in the world of music. Johnny embraces many Roots styles but in his heart he’s still a junkie for the Blues; playing guitar in his sleep and bending every note.

The show starts at 9pm, come out and enjoy one the premier blues bands in Toronto! No Cover!


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