Frankie Foo & The Yo-yo Smugglers back in the East End!

Friday December 11th, the Linsmore Tavern is so excited to welcome back one of Toronto's Legendary Ska Bands, Frankie Foo & The Yo-Yo Smugglers! Frankie Foo doesn't often cross the Don River, but when they do, they make sure that they make a stop at the Linsmore Tavern for a night of amazing music and lots of dancing!

FRANKIE FOO AND THE YOYO SMUGGLERS are an eight piece ensemble devoted to the sounds of early ska, rocksteady and R & B. Pub ska at its finest!  

Frankie Foo and the Yo-Yo Smugglers, established in the year 2000, but transmitting through the sub-ether since the earliest gasps of life on earth. This band has a great cult following and is definitely one of the most unique and fun bands you will ever see! They always have great shows at the Linsmore Tavern and pack the dance floor! So come and check out this legendary band, there is only a $5 Cover at the door and the show will start at 9:30pm!


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