Maria Ryan & Chris Bennett Band w Bad Hombres at Linsmore Tavern!

The Linsmore Tavern is so happy and excited to welcome back one of the best original bands in the city, Maria Ryan & Chris Bennett Band on Friday September 1st! Maria Ryan & Chris Bennett Band have played some fantastic shows in the last year at the Linsmore and have captivated everyone in attendance! We couldn't be anymore excited to welcome this fine group of musicians performing some incredible original music that can be described as a mix or rock, roots, blues and a tiny splash of punk! Opening the show is The Bad Hombres who will be performing for the first time at the Linsmore Tavern!

Maria Ryan & Chris Bennett are a duo based in Toronto, ON, Canada. After years involved in separate musical pursuits, they came together in 2013 to blend Maria’s honey soaked gravel voice and percussive rhythm guitar playing with Chris’s artful layers of lead guitar work and vocal harmonies.

Both songwriters, their original material is a collaborative effort in which they explore themes that include lust, love, betrayal and longing. Maria and Chris also enjoy covep up on short notice and if you are a music fan, you have to see this band perform live!

With a mix of rock, roots, blues and a tiny splash of punk, they are often compared to The Decemberists, Patti Smith and late 60's era Rolling Stones. Their self-titled debut album was released in October of 2015.

The story of BAD HOMBRES starts on the Filipino resort island of Panay Island. Brothers Ceres and Rage Johnson found themselves penniless, sleeping on the beach after the desolution of their previous band, "Mississauga Don Henley".
MDH had been in the middle of a successful tour of the Philippines, when original drummer Paco Jago was killed in a bizarre fire cracker accident. The same accident that permanently disfigured the face of guitarist Rage Johnson. To this day, he wears his old Junior B goalie mask to hide his face.
The story goes that whilst picking through the garbage (looking for something to eat), Ceres found an old cell phone. The phone rang. It was Paco calling from beyond, telling the brothers to continue on and call the band BAD HOMBRES. Joined by former Filipino wrestling champion, Daga Kahoy on drums and Russian Game of Thrones enthusiast, Olag Dothrakinov BAD HOMBRES soon became favourites on the Panay Island music scene. Singer/songwriter of the band, Ceres Johnson, quickly wrote ten songs mining the rich history of classic rock radio to augment their Bon Scott era AC/DC meets GnR sound. After raising enough money, the Hombres returned to Canada to record their debut CD, "Rocket Surgery." The rest is history. 

The show starts at 9:30pm, $5 cover at the door, so come on out and check out this incredible band!ering a select few songs and switching them up with their own distinctly dark twist.

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