The Fairest and Best Live at the Linsmore Tavern!

Thursday October 5th, the Linsmore Tavern is really excited to welcome one of the most unique and best original bands in Toronto for the very first time, The Fairest and Best! Music fans, this is a night you don't want to miss, as the musicianship from this band is on another level! 

Combining the best of youth and experience, this six piece band from Toronto Canada delivers instantly memorable hooks, exhilarating four-part harmonies, and an eclectic mix of musical genres – from pure delicious pop, to heart wrenching ballads and driving rock – all wrapped in arrangements packed with genuine emotion. 

The Fairest and Best are real "music lovers" band - you'll find it ALL here and it's ALL ORGINAL! Pop, rock, soul, jazz, Latin, country, blues, reggae, new wave, and even power ballads! There songs are multi-genre, highly eclectic, but all performed with heart, humour, hooks, and harmony. But don't take their word for it:

"Ingenious, sophisticated pop music with more twists and turns than the average Agatha Christie thriller..." (BBC Tees)

"It sounded like Huey Lewis and the News were having sex with Supertramp while Steely Dan watched (smoking a cigarette)...... "

.....a trippy, eclectic collection of pop, rock and blues – with hints of jazz and soul – accompanied by some stand-out musicians and vocalists....... a big range of emotional and musical expression .... combines the whimsical poignancy of Beatles storytelling with the dark social commentary of The Police’s “Synchronicity II”.....(Life With More Cowbell)

The show stars at 8pm, there's no cover! Come check out this amazing local band and their amazing music!

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