Rick Miller & Friends Live at The Linsmore!

Thursday November 30th at the Linsmore Tavern (1298 Danforth Ave) is going to be an extremely fun night, one we're very much looking forward to, as Rick Miller will be returning with his bi-annual "Rick Miller & Friends" - always an amazing night full of stories, songs and suprises. This time, Rick will be joined by special guests Bruce Dow, Jay Davis and Cara Hunter (some of the country's top musical theatres stars), and members of his party band TRAINWRECK. 

Many of you have seen Rick perform on TV at Just for Laughs, or onstage with his solo shows BOOM, MacHomer, and Bigger Than Jesus! There's always a lot of buzz in the neighborhood about this show, so come and check it out. Here's more info:

“One of the 100 Most Creative People Alive Today” (Entertainment Weekly)

One of The Linsmore’s most popular bands, TRAINWRECK, is taking you down a totally different track. Join frontman Rick Miller for an entertaining and eclectic evening that’s part cabaret, part coffee-house, part craziness. 

Accompanied by TRAINWRECK bandmates and some very special guests, Rick will host and perform songs in a stripped-down, “VH1-storyteller” setting. There will plenty of surprises, a few originals, and a ton of covers songs that tell a great tale. 

Rick has toured his shows in 5 languages on 5 continents, and is one Canada’s most celebrated performers. Here’s a chance to see him on his home turf, at his favourite local tavern, playing his favourite tunes. (And if you stay long enough, he may even perform his version of “Bohemian Rhapsody” that has garnered millions of viewers on YouTube…)

The show starts at 9:00pm and it's free! Come check out this amazing talent performing with some of his friends!

For more info, please visit rickmiller.ca/TRAINWRECK

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