The Spiral Theory: Tribute to The Police, U2, REM - Pioneers of Modern Rock Return to the Linsmore

Friday, 22 November 2019 21:30 Linsmore Tavern
,  Canada

This is going to be an excellent night of music and a really fun night! The Linsmore Tavern is extremely excited to welcome back, The Spiral Theory: Tribute to The Police, U2, and REM - Pioneers of Modern Rock! The Spiral Theory will be performing 3 amazing acts who were on top of the world during the 80's and who are considered the Pioneers of Modern Rock, The Police, U2, and REM! Their first set for the evening will be covers that are equally energetic and crowd-pleasing from other influential modern rock acts (Foo Fighters, The Black Keys. The Strokes, etc.). This fantastic band tore the roof off this past summer to a capacity crowd, so we are thrilled to bring them back for a quick turn around show! The show starts at 9:30pm, so don't miss it!


In 1983, The Police is selling out stadiums across North America as the 
world’s most popular rock band. Their opening act, on their first 
national tour, is barely known R.E.M.. In 1985, U2 plays the Longest Day 
festival in Athens, Georgia with R.E.M. on the same bill. Bono later 
stated meeting Michael Stipe on that day, and their ensuing friendship, 
was “one of the most important moments of my life.“ On the final show of 
the 1986 Amnesty National Tour at Giants Stadium in New York, The Police 
symbolically take their instruments off during “Invisible Sun” and pass 
them over to U2, who then finish the song before starting their own set. 
The torch is officially passed. By 1991, with the releases of "Achtung 
Baby" and "Out of Time", U2 and R.E.M. have become “the most important 
rock bands of a generation, setting a new standard for how arena rock 
concerts could feel and how they could communicate" - The Chicago 

The Spiral Theory celebrates the intertwined history of The Police, U2, 
R.E.M. with 2 full sets dedicated to the amazing music they created as 
the pioneers of modern rock. Our opening set gets the crowd warmed up 
with covers that are equally energetic and crowd-pleasing from other 
influential modern rock acts (Foo Fighters, The Black Keys. The Strokes, 

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