Chris Lord Ideal for the First Time at the Linsmore!!!

This Thursday night at 9pm the Linsmore Tavern is excited to welcome, Composer, songwriter, vocalist and acoustic, electric guitar player Chris Lord Ideal!  Chris Lord Ideal continues the melding of blues, jazz, country and rock after the successful run of Box Full of Cash.  Playing original music as well as covering older music from the 50's and 60's in the Rock, Country and Blues Genre, the Linsmore Tavern will definitely be in for a great night of music!  No Cover!!!




The Legendary Castaways Return!!

They are back again for more!  One of the Linsmore Tavern's favourite bands, The Legendary Castaways are back at the Linsmore this Saturday night to put on amazing show!  The Castaways find themselves happily marooned at the venerable Linsmore Tavern once again for a full-night of great American blues and rock and roll music of the 60s and 70s. Hearken to the songs of yore and wreck with us upon seas of sound! Seek comfort on soothing shores!

No Cover!, Cheap Drinks, The show starts at 9:30pm!


Weirdstone with opening act, LOKI this Friday night!

The Friday night playing for the first time ever at the Linsmore Tavern will be LOKI, followed by Weirdstone!  This is going to be another incredible and full night of music that will definitely keep you entertained!!

A groovy double-bill at the Linsmore Tavern, with 2 great jam bands. Weirdstone plays their psychedelic, classic-rock set. Followed by LOKI, playing their funky, bluesy, jazzy, high-energy sound.

NO Cover, Cheap Beer, Cool People, & Great Tunes, It all starts up at 9pm!

Bring your dancing shoes to this one..... it's gonna be a far-out show !!!


Matthew Winkler Live!!!

Live Thursday night the Linsmore Tavern is bringing in for the very time ever, the talented Singer/Songwriter Matthew Winkler! Matthew Winkler is a Toronto based musician who has been in the Toronto Indie Rock scene since 2004. Playing in multiple bands since the age of 14, Matthew Winkler also pursued a solo career which has sprouted two full length albums; Over The Lake (2006), and Songs of Hope (2007). 

Be prepared for a fun, high energy night of music, as Matthew can play anything and will put his own spin on it. Rock, Funk, Soul, R&B, Top 40, and Pop, Matthew is a real entertainer and he will definitely put a smile on your face with his fun show! No Cover, Cheap Drinks, the show starts at 9pm!


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