The David Love Band Returns!!

Friday January 22, the Linsmore Tavern (1298 Danforth Ave) is very eager to welcome back one of our absolute favourite bands and some of the GTA's most respected musicians, the David Love Band! 

For great melodic Pop Rock, all you need is Love!
While some fans of smooth Pop and melodic Rock from the music's heyday of the 60s and 70s are occupied posting nostalgic photos of their idols on social media, versatile singer and multi-instrumentalist David Love is busy keeping the music alive and fresh by playing it to appreciative throngs in clubs, festivals, arenas, casinos and at private functions.
A veteran of the Canadian Pop Rock scene, David has recorded albums and toured with Randy Bachman's bands, been a long-time member of Burton Cummings' touring group, an 18-year member of The Carpet Frogs A-list club band and a key part of the Classic Albums Live musical organization.
Those times have included performing in some pretty rarefied company, with the Bachman Cummings band when it opened for Bon Jovi, and The Moody Blues, with Bachman at Live 8 in Barrie and with Cummings when people like Kim Mitchell, Shakira, Grand Funk, Wyclef Jean, and Sir Elton John were co-billed, to name just a few of the salient moments from the past few decades.
Playing professionally for nearly 40 years, David has toured the U.S. and Canada extensively and appeared on television, radio and at festivals, concert halls and arenas for a wide range of public and private functions – including at an airfield in Kandahar entertaining 5,000 NATO troops.
But now he's moved out of the sidecar and to the front of the stage in a combo of his own. 
His self-titled David Love Band trio is getting rave reviews from clubs across the GTA since he began focusing on doing his own thing in 2012.
He sings and plays deft bass with fellow Bramptonians guitarist Darrell McNeill and drummer Kevin Mulligan. The band delivers Pop Rock with a melodic sound and high-energy beat, leading audiences to tap their toes, snap their fingers or jiggle their bones on the dance floor.
Their repertoire journeys through super-melodic heavier beat tunes by Baby Boom favourites such as The Beatles, The Kinks, The Rolling Stones, Cream, The Who, Gerry & The Pacemakers, The Who, The Byrds and many more.
While it's likely most of the fans who groove to The David Love Band in pubs or at private functions won't really be aware of the musical pedigree of the man who's driving the unit, its authenticity gets displayed in the results every time he performs.
For whether they realize it or not, when it comes to putting forward a great melodic Pop Rock musical experience, Love is indeed all you need!

The show starts at 9:30pm, theres a $5 cover charge!



Kat Kings Rock The Linsmore Tavern!

Thursday January 21st the Linsmore Tavern is welcoming back one of the city's most iconic Rockabily bands, the Kat Kings! This professional group of musicians have played all over Ontario and will definitely intrigue your listening needs with their unique sound!  Their original sound mixes Rock n' Roll, Rockabily, Roots, Country and Swing!  If good times is what you are looking for, the Kat Kings will deliver the goods!  Playing music from their very well-received debut album "The Winning Hand", you will definitely be impressed with this local, original band!  The show starts at 9pm, No Cover!

"The Kat Kings as a group, are yet another excellent addition to the multitude of talent that Canada consistently is able to produce and offer". -Review by John Vermilyea (Blues Underground Network)

You might also surmise from the cover that McQuade's background is rockabilly, and that sound does pervade the disc, although perhaps we could call it bluesabilly here.
In Kevin McQuade's hands this time tested style has a new life.

Review by John Valenteyn 
( Maple Blues Newsletter March 2011)

One gets the sense that Toronto-based vocalist and guitarist Kevin McQuade, leader of The Kat Kings, is a pretty down-to-earth guy. As composer of all but one tune on the band's debut (with one co-writing credit), he delivers solid, unpretentious blue-collar rockers with lots of soul and hints of the blues here and there.


Review by John Taylor 
(BC Blog Critics)


Steam Whistle Breweries Sponsored Indie Night Featuring Gary Edward Allen, Frankie Moyo, Kayt Lucas Band!

Tuesday night, the Linsmore Tavern's (1298 Danforth Ave) Indie Night returns with 3 incredible original bands ready to bring you some amazing music! This week Tuesday January 19, we are featuring 3 great Indie bands including Gary Edward Allen, Frankie Moyo, and Kayt Lucas Band! All brought to you by Steam Whistle Breweries, with the support of some great sponsors including IndieCan Radio (SiriusXM), Canada Media Rocks, Steve's Music, and MegaMusic Canada. The show starts at 8pm, no cover, so come out and support original music!

Kayt Lucas Band is a music group, based in Toronto, Canada. Kayt Lucas, Michael Menegon, Joel Merzetti, Paul Chalmers, Richard Begley and Donn Dixon have been rocking out, interpreting Kayt’s new original Hard Folk music with surprising results.  The band has enjoyed a depth of experience and versatility amongst it’s members that is rare for a folk-rock band. Kayt is a poet and singer with hundreds of tunes in her catalogue.  She resides in Toronto.  Her playlist, the tracks allude to rock, blues, folk, and sometimes country.  She plays mandolin and octave mandolin.  The band came together in January, 2012.  They have developed an exhilarating performance experience that is diverse in style and cohesive in sound.  The instrumentation has stylistic flexibility and virtuosity.

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The Del Fi's playing some good ol' Rock 'n' Roll Saturday Night!

Saturday January 16th, the Linsmore Tavern is thrilled to welcome back the Del Fi's for a Saturday Night of Rock 'N' Roll! If you like Rock n Roll and you like the kind of Country that used to make the Billboard Folk'll love The Del Fi's. Featuring one of Canada's most talented musicians and writers Jerry Leger, this project includes nearly a dozens of Canada's best musicians! If you are a music fan, you MUST make it out to see all of this talent in one room playing some good ol' Rock 'n' Roll! The show starts at 9:30pm, there will be a $5 cover charge!

I don’t know what The Del Fi’s are; the more I think about it, the more I don’t know what to say. But I know it’s right, and I know it’s good. I know it works. I mean, it’s Jerry Leger’s thing, but when I asked him what he would say The Del Fi’s are, all he would tell me is that I (meaning me) am The Del Fi’s, just as you (meaning you) are The Del Fi’s. And because you are you, you understand. Don’t you?
Okay, maybe we should try this again. Jerry Leger is a Toronto singer/songwriter, and one of the best in the world, as far as I’m concerned. If you haven’t heard him, you have no right to be one of these people constantly moaning about how music was so much better when people actually played instruments, blah, blah, blah.
Jerry’s released six albums and an EP—each one better than the last—with help from folks like Ron Sexsmith and Michael Timmins of Cowboy Junkies. He turned 30 this year, and he loves Bob Dylan, Neil Young and John Lennon. Sometimes it sounds as though all three are fighting for space in his songs. But those songs are his own, the product of a natural born storyteller with a sense of rhythm that would make Little Richard’s big toe shoot up in his boot.
Jerry’s songs hit deep in your soul, but he also often loves just making music with folks just to flex some of his old time rock and roll muscles, and explore some of the paths his songwriting normally doesn’t take. That’s kinda where The Del Fi’s come in.

On Friday, June 19, 2015, Jerry assembled members of his band, The Situation, along with about 10 other musical friends, at Aaron Comeau’s recording-studio-in-a-trailer in Toronto’s east end—yes, the studio is called The Trailer—and over the course of that long, highly-charged day, laid down 11 songs for this album they’ve called Crowd Pleaser.
Now I know what you’re thinking; why should I care about a bunch of dudes who got together in a trailer and made an album in a day? My response is, take a listen and then tell me that this isn’t one of the most vibrant, heartfelt, funny, poignant and all-around human records you’ve heard in a long time. All of these guys are young, but they’ve lived. Let’s never forget that practically all of our musical heroes did their best work before the age of 30.
The location of the recording is fitting too. If any album could be said to have an “east end sound,” Crowd Pleaser most certainly does—tough, raw, sincere, and unrepentant. There’s a song called “Rockin’ In The Funeral Home,” two distinct versions of which bookend the record. No, it’s not the Monster Mash, but at the same time it’s no maudlin Irish wake sing-along either. It’s simply a great rock and roll song, and there’s plenty of others on the album just like it, such as “It’s Always Saturday Night,” “Baby Coming Up The River” and “Noisy Bars,” not to mention “The Junk Today,” for my money the best country song I’ve ever heard not written by someone named Townes.
It’s rock and roll that we all care about right? I’m sure you wouldn’t still be reading this if you didn’t agree. So I guess that does make you a Del Fi. Welcome aboard and grab an instrument, we’ve got a show to do.

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