Must Stash Hat Jams at the Linsmore!!

This Friday night, the Linsmore Tavern is excited to welcome Must Stash Hat for an awesome night of music!!!  A Must Stash Hat show feels like it lasts for days while you're in it but when they end their last note, everyone is still screaming for ten more songs. Your body won't stop moving while they transition from an upbeat rocking chorus into a jazzy and relaxing hypnotic refrain before stretching it out, twisting it up into outer space and verging ever so close to awkward before exploding back in a most satisfying cymbal ridden rhythm, bass slappin' and bappin' on the hips of high laughing guitar chords pulling at the off beats.

Must Stash Hat is a three piece Toronto based jam band and the best way to see them is live and unshaven. As they near their tenth year of playing together, their talent for improvisation is powerful. These moustache men know each other too well to miss a beat.  The show starts at 10pm, $5 at the door!!



Hatchetmen Returns!!!!


Thursday night, the Linsmore Tavern is excited to bring back one of our favourite bands, Hatchetmen for a Special Mid-Week Show!  Every time Hatchetmen have played the Linsmore, it's been a full house!!!  With four of the best musicians in the city, Hatchement have an incredible, innovative, original rock sound that is definitely something to hear!  It's simple, if you want to hear good music, head to the Linsmore Tavern to see Hatchetmen!!! No Cover, the show starts at 9pm!!!



Blue Sundays with special guest John Findlay!!!

Everyone is in for a big treat this upcoming Blue Sunday!! Sam Taylor will not be playing this week, but will return to his normal residency next week. Don't fret though, as the Linsmore Tavern (located at 1298 Danforth ave) is bringing in Blues Juno Nominee John Findlay who will fill in the spot and will be playing an evening of Blues/Reggae/Fusion!!! This guy is extremely respected in the Blues Community and the Linsmore Tavern will continue the theme of having the best Blues in the city on Sunday evening. The show starts runs from 5:30 to 9! No Cover!

Jet Black Rose Rocks The Linsmore!!

Saturday night the Linsmore Tavern is in for an absolute treat as we are bringing in for the very first time, the one and only Jet Black Rose!  JET BLACK ROSE is a straight up rock band relying on power vox (LIZZY DENNEM) on all guitars (The REVEREND HC) and a pounding bottom end LITTLE EVIL (drums) and our rookie on bass, DIRTY BLACK!  A night of Original Music that will appeal to any Rock fan out there!  Come down to the Linsmore Tavern to support Original, Local Talent! $10 at the door, the show starts at 9pm!


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