Valentines Day with Love & Leblanc!!!

Come spend Valentines day at the Linsmore Tavern and the night couldn't be anymore appropriate then having Love & Leblanc on Valentines day playing acoustic Folk & Pop from the 60's & 70's!!! There's no better place on Valentine's day then the Linsmore Tavern where you will hear romantic songs from Simon & Garfunkel, Bread, Neil Diamond, The Beatles, America and more!!  David Love has been in bands such asThe Carpet Frogs, a member of The Burton Cummings Band for 14 years, and has been a member of Classic Albums Live since 2010!  Brian Leblanc has been in bands such as the Flying Circus, Class of '59, Craig Rhunke and Eleanor Fox! When you combine two performing veterans with two great voices and a shared love of simplified, tuneful acoustic pop-folk-rock from the ‘50’s, ‘60’s, and ‘70’s, you get David Love and Brian LeBlanc!  Valentines Day, No Cover, Cheap Drinks and Love at the Linsmore!!!



Andy Griffiths Live at the Linsmore Tavern!

2 weeks ago, the Linsmore Tavern had an open stage with the winning act receiving a gig at the Linsmore Tavern!!  The winner of that contest is the very talented Andy Griffiths who will be bringing along Frank and Kim Koren as they will be throwing down some Folk'n'Rock.  Playing covers from Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, the Beatles and more!!! Andy will also throw in some original material, which he is well-known for!!  The show starts at 9pm!  No Cover and Cheap Drinks!  Andy is very talented, so it's definitely a night you don't want to miss!!!




Practically Petty (Tom Petty Tribute) Live!!

Come see Practically Petty, an authentic tribute to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Seen across Canada, Practically Petty will take the stage at the Linsmore, recreating a live Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers performance. You will recognize the music instantly, as soon as Gerry Parsons (TP) plays the first note on his guitar. To add to the authenticity and vibe of the show, you will hear the sounds of the legendary band coming from the legendary musical instruments known to create the Heartbreakers sound. Those who have seen the show, love it. Those who love TP&H, this is the tribute show to see!!!

Tickets are $5 in advance and $10 at the door!  They are being swooped up pretty fast, so get them now before they sell out!!  They can be purchased at the bar or right here:  Buy Tickets!!!


The Legendary Castaways are BACK!!!

The Castaways find themselves happily marooned at the Linsmore Tavern once again for a full-night of great American blues and rock and roll music of the 60s and 70s. Having played to a full capacity night in October paying Tribute to ZZ Top, The Castaways are a top notch band with some serious chops!!!  No Cover, Cheap Drinks, arrive early because the bar will be packed!!!

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