Linsmore Tavern has now opened up Live Music to Thursdays & Sundays!!!!!


For all of the local musicians or Indy bands, The Linsmore Tavern has opened up Thursdays and Sundays to live music. You do not need a PA System to play at the bar, as we now have one!!!  So if you are in a band or know a band or some musicians that want to play at the Linsmore Tavern, please contact us.

Come in this Thursday, July 11th to check out some local talent!


Steve Max Rock & Blues Live @ 9pm

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The Crones Live at the Linsmore Tavern!!!!

This Saturday Night, come by to the Linsmore Tavern to check out the Original Music from the Crones!! Check out the Vintage instruments, rag-time vocals and harmonic experimentation characterize this unique blend of sultry folk and country. Banjo, rhodes piano, guitar, harmonica evokes the likes of Simon and Garfunkle, June Carter and Johnny Cash, and something a little else besides. No Cover!!! They start at 9pm!

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