The Queen is Dead Perfom The Smiths & The Jammed plays The Jam Live at the Linsmore Tavern!

Brit Rock fans and Post punk fans you absolutely don't want to miss this one, as on Friday October 11, the Linsmore Tavern (1298 Danforth Ave) is bringing in The Queen is Dead who will perform The Smiths and The Jammed who play the music of The Jam! We have had both of these incredible bands perform before in the past, but never on the same evening, which will make this night really special! Two of the most popular Tributes who have played at the Linsmore, expect an electric atmosphere on this evening that you will definitely want to be a part of! Both bands have incredible musicians who deliver an amazing tribute to these incredible bands! Tickets are $8 in advance, $10 at the door! You can buy tickets at the bar or online here: BUY TICKETS!!

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Blues Sunday in October with The Jerome Tucker Band!

Sunday October 6th, which happens to be the first Sunday of the month and every first Sunday of the Month, the Linsmore Tavern's (1298 Danforth Ave), Molson Canadian Sponsored, Blues Sunday Series features the Jerome Tucker Band! If you have not seen Jerome Tucker and his amazing band before, make sure you come out and see this high energy Funky Rhythm and Blues band with a blistering Groove!! You will be hooked once you see them play and you will get to see them live every first Sunday of the month at the Linsmore! Jerome really does bring in a top-notch show with incredible musicians and amazing instrumentals, they are really a MUST-SEE band! Come by the Linsmore for some incredible Chicago Blues, Funk, Soul and some top-notch instrumentals with the Jerome Tucker Band! The show starts at 7pm, there's no cover and always an electric atmosphere when this band hits the stage!

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Deuxpeche Mode > Blasphemous covers, LIVE at the Linsmore Tavern!!

This is going to be a really fun night and something that all of you 80's lovers will want to check out, as this Thursday October 10th the Linsmore Tavern (1298 Danforth Ave), welcomes for the very first time, Deuxpeche Mode! Deuxpechmode will be performing some Blasphemous covers of the 80s that would be considered synthpop/new wave hits! You will hear the music of such amazing 80's bands like the Pet Shop Boys, Simple Minds, Depeche Mode (obv!), Falco, Soft Cell, Thomas Dolby, Wang Chung, Men At Work, The Cars, Rough Trade, Tears For Fears — & many, many more! The show starts at 8pm, there's no cover!

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I Will Be King: Paying Tribute To The Genius of David Bowie Returns to rock the Linsmore Tavern on a Saturday Night!

The Linsmore Tavern is excited to bring back one of the most popular bands to play the Linsmore Tavern, I Will Be King: Paying Tribute To The Genius of David Bowie on Saturday October 5th! I Will Be King have played nine outstanding SOLD-OUT shows at the Linsmore Tavern over the last couple of years and we are thrilled to have they come back! There are a few Bowie Tributes out there, but none of them stand up to I Will Be King! Let's face the facts, David Bowie is one of the most influential artist's who has ever lived and he is a musical genius! This 6-piece band will definitely deliver the goods of the music of David Bowie and if you are a fan of Bowie, do not miss this show! There really is no David Bowie Tribute out there, like them! Tickets for this amazing show are now on sale and are only $8 in advance, $10 at the door! You can purchase your tickets at the Linsmore Tavern or online here: BUY TICKETS!!

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