Robbie Rox and The Power Quintet Returns To The Linsmore Tavern!!

This Friday night the Linsmore Tavern is very excited to welcome back Robbie Rox and his Power Quintet for another amazing live show!  After an incredible night back in April with a sold out crowd, there has been a huge amount of requests to bring back Robbie Rox and his show!  So that's exactly what we are doing and if you haven't seen this show before, it is a MUST!  

The in-yer-face satirical and often scatological music and over-the-top stage persona of Robbie Rox may not be to everyone’s taste, but it sure seems to strike a chord with his fellow Toronto artists.

While by today’s standards his stuff may seem somewhat tame, back in the early seventies Rox’s proto-Punk nothing-sacred satire was considered by many to be a dire threat to the morals of the younger generation.

When Rox began his musical odyssey to become, as he’s been described, “Canada’s answer to Frank Zappa” (before he was even familiar with Zappa’s outrageous compositions) 40 years ago, he shocked and awed many with his daring and delightful humour –and impressed many others with the deft musicianship that he also brings to his work.

Shows with his multi-piece Monster Horn Band were notable as much for their musical prowess as for his provocative lyrics. And his ability to span several vocal octaves, combined with an uncanny knack for capturing voices of various characters, helped make Rox more than just a novelty act in the minds of other performers and fans alike. -Gary 17

Get your tickets now for $5 or you can buy tickets at the door for $10!  You can buy your tickets at the Linsmore Tavern or right here: BUY TICKETS!!!


Elysium Entertainment Presents: Hot Apollo, The Ending to This Story, Ginela Gonzalez, Jonathan Leon

This Thursday Night, the Linsmore Tavern has quite a showcase for you as Elysium Entertainment Presents 4 original artists all in one night!  If you are a fan of local, original artists this is the night for you to discover some brand new talent!  

Starting at 8pm, will be Jonathan Leon who was born in Hare Bay Newfoundland, relocated to Toronto Canada and is A solo acoustic act delivering a soulful, driven, sultry and happenin' time!

Following him will be Ginela Gonzalez who will be playing a set of her original music and throwing in some classic rock covers!  

The Ending To This Start is up to the plate next and this incredible artist out of Port Elgin Ontario will play acoustic rock originals! ETTS is not your average acoustic show. During live performances Lance Eckensweiler uses loop pedals, prerecorded backing tracks and various other effects while he plays guitar and sings, turning a one man acoustic show into full blown musical act. 

Closing out the night is Hot Apollo, who's style of music can be described as Tempest Rock!  This is going to be an incredible night of music, so come out and enjoy some local, new talent!  The show starts at 8pm!

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The Neil Young'uns Live at the Linsmore Tavern, Saturday Night!

Saturday Night is going to be something special, in fact every time this band plays the Linsmore Tavern, it is a special night!  The Neil Young'uns are back for another magical night of note for note Neil Young perfection!  This band is so good, that if you close your eyes, you will swear that it you are listening to Neil Young!  The Neil Young'uns know almost every song from every band and era of Neil Young's career! In fact, in the third set they will take requests from the audience!  There is a always a big buzz whenever the Neil Young'uns comes to the Linsmore for a show and this upcoming Saturday, there is big anticipation to see one of Canada's Top Tributes!  There are only 20 pre-sale tickets available, so make sure you get them now as it is always a sell-out!  Tickets are $7 in advance, $15 at the door! You can buy tickets at the Linsmore Tavern, or right here: BUY TICKETS!!

Tim Bovaconti Big Band Live at the Linsmore!!!

This Friday night, one of our favourite acts is returning to the Linsmore Tavern for another fun night of amazing music!  Every show that the Tim Bovaconti Band plays at the Linsmore Tavern is a full house and everyone just can't get enough of this amazing band!

If you didn't know already, but Tim Bovaconti is the current guitarist with Classic rockers Burton Cummings and Randy Bachman (as a member of Bachman-Cummings as well as lead guitarist in Burton Cummings’ band)! He is also the touring guitar player for Ron Sexsmith!  The quality of music that you hear when his band plays is top-notch and you will not get bored with the songs that they play, because they are fun and unique!  The show starts at 9:30pm and there is a $5 cover at the door!

Aside from being an extremely versatile and tasteful guitarist, Tim Bovaconti (or The Bover) has also shown himself to be an excellent pop songwriter with a great ear for melody and hooks.  I’m looking very much forward to the new disc. - RON SEXSMITH

I have worked with Tim Bovaconti regularly for about four years now and have always found him to be a professional of the highest degree.What impresses me most about him is his vast knowledge of music that came long before his time.  I myself am somewhat of a music historian and archivist and it’s not often that I meet someone else who knows of so many of the rare and sought after tracks. Tim is a musician’s musician.He can play many different styles of music, which attests to how much listening and absorbing he has done. He also did a stellar job on my last album “Above The Ground”.  His innovative solos breathed tremendous new life into many of my songs.  Bovaconti is a true professional. -BURTON CUMMINGS

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