The Doors Men Tribute To the Doors Live at the Linsmore Tavern for 1960's Month!

This Saturday night and continuing with In The 60's Month at the Linsmore Tavern, we are excited to present for the first time ever, The Doors Men: Tribute To The Doors!!!  The Doors Men will be making their first appearance at the Linsmore Tavern and for any fan of The Doors, this is a night that you don't want to miss!!!

The Doors Men, covering almost two decades of music from one of the greatest bands who inspired generations and still do, with their mystical melodies and poetry to their grinding R&B roots.  Featuring select albums and covering great hits. It's hard to have a 60's Month without having the unforgettable music of the Doors being included!  Between 1967 to 1971, the Doors released 8 albums which The Doors Men will cover!!

The Band Features: Mark McLay, Billy Burgomaster, Brian Heyes, Troy Feener!

Tickets are $5 in advance and $10 at the door! They can be purchased at the bar or right here:  BUY TICKETS!!!

“The Doors Men are the best Doors Tribute I have ever heard. They are the closest you’ll get to actually seeing The Doors live!” -John Scholes, Q107 FM

“Fantastic Likeness and Awesome Players” is what the Toronto Music Reveiw is saying about this cool band.”

“They’re a power house of fun and rock n roll”.

“Don’t miss this grind house of R&B blues”.


The David Love Band Returns to the Linsmore Tavern!

This Friday night, the Linsmore Tavern is extremely excited to welcome back the David Love Band!  It's been over a year since the David Love Band has played the Linsmore Tavern, in which that show was a huge hit with the capacity crowd!  February is 1960's Month at the Linsmore Tavern and it's only fitting as The David Love Band specializes in playing The Best of The Sixties and the Summers Of Love.

Power Pop has been described as a cross between the melodic sound of The Beatles and the crunch of The Who. This Brampton, Ontario-based trio features the powerful tenor voice of vocalist / bassist David Love, an 18-year veteran ofThe Carpet Frogs, 14-year former member of The Burton Cummings Band, and current member of the internationally-renowned Classic Albums Live. Kevin Mulligan on the drums and vocals and the rock steady guitar and voice of of Darrell McNeill are the solid foundation of this trio. The band specializes in the super-melodic pop and rock from the Summers of Love of the Baby Boom Generation. The David Love Band continues to play festivals, special events, clubs, casinos, weddings, private parties and corporate shows across Ontario and the northeast United States.

David by the numbers:
2,500 : number of shows performed in the last 20 years 
47 : number of years singing and playing guitar
18 : years with The Carpet Frogs
17 : number of guitars currently owned
14 : years with The Burton Cummings Band
7 : years with Love & Le Blanc
5 : years with The Bachman Cummings Band
5 : years with Classic Albums Live
4 : number of Roy Thomson Hall appearances
3 : number of Massey Hall appearances
2 : number of Molson Amphitheatre appearances
2 : number of albums recorded with Burton Cummings 
1 : number of albums recorded with Randy and Burton 
1 : number of JUNO Awards broadcasts performed
1 : number of Live 8 performances
1 : number of DVDs recorded with Bachman Cummings
1 : number of trips to Afghanistan to perform for NATO troops
1 : number of Olympic broadcasts performed
1 : number of gigs opening for Cheap Trick
1 : number of gigs opening for Ted Nugent
1 : number of gigs opening for Deep Purple
1:  number of gigs opening for The Moody Blues
1 : number of gigs on the same bill as Sir Elton John
The show is a 9:30pm start and there is a $5 door charge!  Get there early as the bar will be very busy!!!

Johnny Cox and The Magnetic Line Return to the Linsmore Tavern!!!

Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist, Blues Musician Johnny Cox is making his return to the Linsmore Tavern this Thursday and he's bringing his band the Magnetic Line with him!  Inspired by many styles of music, it's the Blues that truly drive Johnny wild. 

In March, 2014, Johnny released his debut album, Thin Blue Line featuring eleven high-energy original tracks that represent the palette of his musical personality. Thin Blue Line has garnered Johnny much attention in the Blues community throughout Canada and internationally. With an exciting new album in production, Johnny is poised to become a well-known and potent fixture in the Blues scene.

Johnny embraces many Roots styles but in his heart he’s still a junkie for the Blues; playing guitar in his sleep and bending every note.  Johnny whiled away the years on a Stratocaster devoting himself to the techniques of Eric Clapton, Albert King, John Lee Hooker and Buddy Guy, irresistibly drawn to Blues music and the deep emotional pool it embodied.

Come check out one of Canada's top Blues artist this Thursday Night!  There is No Cover and the show starts at 9pm, so don't miss it!!!

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Tom Waits Appreciation Congregation (Live) This Tuesday!!!

One Tuesday every month, the Linsmore Tavern brings in the TWAC, Tom Waits Appreciation Congregations for a night dedicated to Tom Waits!  This is one of the most popular bands and have created a great following!! These guys put on an incredible show and you will definitely not regret coming out to see their show!

The Tom Waits Appreciation Congregation (TWAC) comprise of some of the best musicians in all of Toronto coming together for their love of Tom Waits and paying Tribute to him and his music! Every show they play at the Linsmore Tavern is a huge success and an extremely fun night!  This Tuesday it will surely be the same!  No Cover, the show starts at 9pm!

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